PCS Student Projects 2290 – 2009

Design course – Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism USP


Autor: Ana Clara Viola Goyeneche
The purpose of the project was the development of some game, through Processing. I chose to develop the gallows, and with the help of the monitors I managed to achieve a result close to the intended. The program basically consists of two functions: setup and draw. Outside of them is the declaration of most of the variables used, since these must be used in both functions. In the setup function there are in addition to the commands that carry the background image and determine the size of the screen, the command that randomly selects a word in the word bank, and the variables that identify each letter of the selected word. Already in the draw function are the commands that determine that if the key pressed on the keyboard is equal to any letter present in the word, it appears written above; if it is different, the pressed letter appears below and an image is then loaded, appearing parts of the hanging doll. Some failures exist in the program, such as lack of finalization: if the selected word is completed, or the total number of errors reaches its limit, the program continues to run, displaying the letters below (if they are not in the word) or completing the selected.

Download Forca.

Super Race

Autor: Anderson Koyama Vieira (slardoc(at)gmail.com)

The game Super Race is an adaptation of a game of the Atari platform. It consists of deflecting opponents cars through the control of a car located at the bottom of the screen. As opposing cars move toward the player’s car, the player needs to change lanes to avoid collision. The difficulty increases the more cars the player can deflect. In addition, the Slow Motion mode can be activated to facilitate the drift of cars. In the project we tried to incorporate the language used in the Atari platform. In the project, we also tried to use as many concepts as possible in the classroom. Instructions: Car control is done by the left / right directional keys on the keyboard. The “s” key activates slow motion mode.

Download Super Race


Autor: Andrei Speridião (andreisperid(at)gmail.com)
Basic instructions on the game: 1 – It is important that the tracking object is self-luminous, so that it stands out from the rest of the image. 2 – Right click on the screen: adjust the camera to the lowest possible exposure, without the tracking object becoming dark. 3 – Left click on the screen: view the collision bounding boxes, video in the background and tracker position.

Download ARPong


Autor: Bruno Augusto Luvizotto de Campos (luvizotto.bruno(at)gmail.com)
Game based on geometric shapes made to test how accurate the eye of the game is. The player goes through four challenges: finding the center of the circle, making two parallel lines, forming a parallelogram, and mirroring a line from an axis. The more points you make, the lower your accuracy.

Download Jogometria

Warrus o jogo

Autor: Bruno Santos Viana
Warrus is an inspiradi game in classic shooters, where the main character is in the left corner of the screen sidestepping enemy shots while trying to hit them. The game has a touch of humor, this is mainly due to his art, the drawings were made by both me and Pedro, and give charm to the game. The commands are simple, you move the warrus with the up and down arrows, and shoot with the control, but the warrus can only take one shot at a time.

Download Warrus o jogo



Autor: Camila Gernhardt Nakamura (naka.tr(at)gmail.com)

Based on the game “Head Defe nse”, the game features a penguin who needs to fight back to win points. How to play: Guided by directional arrows you can shoot balls that reward the player with punctuation, can also get stars or venture with bombs. Has a scoring system: to each star acquired the player gains 1 point; If you can hit the balls, you gain 10 points, but if you risk taking a bomb the game ends
Download Pinguim


Autor: Carina Missae Batista da Costa
The goal was to develop a game using the programming language Processing. The game was inspired by the classic “Space Invaders”, however, this has no end! Colorful comets fall on all sides and the goal is to try to hit as many as possible. As the game happens, comets get faster and faster, until the jockey can no longer climb the score. Click the mouse to shoot. Game made with the help of monitors and student Pedro Camara who helped me to finalize the codes.

Download Cometas