Autor: Lucas Vinícius Oliveira Colebrusco (Lucascolebrusco(at)gmail.com)
The proposal was to create a program that could interact with music, but not automatically, but rather commanded by the user. The screen starts blank, and when you press the “r”, “g” and / or “b” keys on the keyboard, color is added to the translucent circles that are moving (“r” adds red, for example). Thus, color can be combined with the type of music. To remove color, simply press the keys located to the left of “r”, “g”, and “b” on the keyboard, which are “e”, “f” and “v” respectively. The displacement speed of the translucent circles can also be controlled by pressing “+” or “-“

Download V.J





Autor: Caroline Magalhaes dos Santos (magalhaes.caroline(at)gmail.com)
Inspired by the Paint program of Windows, the intention is to create an environment where, through interaction with the mouse, the user can make simple drawings in the space predetermined by the program.

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Autor: Lucas Morita Hokama
Game made in Processing, based on the classic Genius. The game displays a color and the player must play it. If successful, a new color is added to the sequence successively until the player misses. It has three difficulty levels based on the color display time.

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Batalha naval contra o tempo

Autor: Luciana Heuko (lucianaheuko(at)hotmail.com)

This game is a naval battle against the computer. In 60 seconds, click randomly as many times as you like) in the sea image, in search of green squares, which are the boats. The blue squares are water and do not punctuate. There may be overlapping boats, in which case, with each overlap, the green color becomes darker and the score increases proportionally. Each green square without overlap gives the player 100 points. At the end of the 60 seconds, the game comes to an end and, according to the player’s score, the computer evaluates its performance.

Download Batalha Naval

Jogo da Velha

Autor: Luciana Fernandes dos Santos (luciana.fernandes.santos(at)usp.br)

The proposal of this project is an Old Electronic Game. In this game, there are two players, xx and ball, who play interleaved. The goal is not to give old. In a square mesh that offers 9 spaces, players have to make a horizontal, vertical or diagonal sequence. If you can not, then you’re old! The process of the game is as follows: the space of the game is divided into a yellow mesh of 9 spaces for the game, and a magenta space for punctuation. The ball and the xis are images that go in sequentially up to 9 clicks. The first image is always from xis. We defined the sequence of click sequences for images xis, in each space of the mesh, which already specifies that the next one is the ball. And the same logic for ball images. The logic of all possible sequences was defined, first testing whether the xs were aligned. If they were, the text “won” appears next to the score icon xis. If they were not, the program tests if the balls were aligned. if it was, the text “won” appears next to the punctuation ball icon. If they were not, the program checks to see if the 9 clicks were possible and shows the text “xiii, gave old”.

Download Jogo da velha




Gnat Attack Remake

Autor: Luiza Lima Silva de Carli (luizadc(at)gmail.com)

Flies will appear on the game screen from second to second, and the player must click on them with the fly kills, to kill them. Great hobby for closing times of heavy files or endless renderings. Have a good time! The game is a simplified version of the mini game Gnat Attack, present in the game Mario Paint of Super Nintendo. Due to my difficulties in processing, it was not possible to make the game with rules and gameplay equal to the original.

Download Gnat Attack Remake


Conte bichinhos

Autor: Marcella Monaco Jyo(maa.jyo(at)gmail.com)
The “Bug Bugs” application is a game in which you aim to count how many animals of the same type are on the move. The player must count the selected pet that appears in a square in the upper right corner of the screen. The maximum time for counting is 15 seconds. The game consists basically of four screens: an initial one, one of instructions, one in which the game is played and a final screen, which will depend on the result obtained by the player.

Download Conte bichinhos