Research Areas

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Digital Entertainment:
The growing entertainment industry, especially electronic games, has become an important source of research on fields such as interface and input device design, rendering, social communication and cognitive and perceptive aspects. At the same time, digital television also appears as a new challenge to designers. This research line works with the challenges present in the development of systems for these new areas of application.
 Virtual Reality:
VR interfaces contain a large variety of real and virtual objects that make it possible to model user interactions in a totally different way from that of traditional interfaces. With the improvement of Internet services, may Virtual Reality applications become possible, such as education and training, virtual social worlds, immersive virtual reality, medical applications and entertainment. This research line is dedicated to exploring VR techniques for these new environments.
Interactive Technologies applied to Education:
The improvements on computing and communications have expanded the bounds of educational technology. This research line is dedicated to studying the use of new technologies such as Internet, Virtual Reality, Collaborative Environments and Artificial Intelligence in education and training. It is also an objective of this research line to study the influence of interactive processes in the learning mechanisms.