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Romero Tori

Prof° Associate 3 of the Department of Computer Engineering and digital systems of the Polytechnic schoolUSP

Professor of free teaching at USP, in interactive technologies
Member: School of the Future, SBC, ACM
Areas of interest: interaction design; Interactive technologies, virtual reality and augmented reality and their applications in education and health

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Maria Alice Grigas Varella Ferreira

He completed his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, in 1968. By the same university he completed his master’s degree in 1975 and his doctorate in 1979. Since then he has been working at USP, next to the Polytechnic school, in the area of computer engineering and digital systems. He has directed numerous undergraduate, master, doctorate and specialization works. Its main areas of interest are Software engineering, computer graphics and interactive technologies and E-Learning by computers. Since 2009 is a senior Professor at USP.

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Ricardo Nakamura  

Professor of the Department of Computer Engineering and digital systems of the Polytechnic schoolUSP
Mechanical EngineerAutomation and Systems (1998), Master in Electrical Engineering (2002) and Doctor (2008) by the Poli/USP.
Search area: Digital games, especially their interfaces, techniques and applications. President of the Special commission of Digital games and Entertainment (ECgames) of the Brazilian Computing Society (SBC).

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Lucia Vilela Leite Filgueiras

PhD professor at the Department of Computer Engineering and digital systems of the Polytechnic school-USP
Graduated (1983), Master (1989) and Doctor (1996) in electrical Engineering by Poli/USP. He has experience as an engineer in operation interfaces projects, in the area of automation of critical industrial processes, including nuclear plant, military ships, petrochemical processes and Metro-rail transport.
Develops research into human-computer interaction. Topics of interest: evaluation of user experience, cross-media, electronic government, assisted technology and human reliability.
Since 2017, I am part of Pateo @ InovaUSP, Research and Innovation laboratory in the area of Games and digital solutions.

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Edith Ranzini   

He has a degree in electricity engineering from the University of São Paulo (1969), a master’s degree in Systems engineering from the University of São Paulo (1975) and a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of São Paulo (1981). He is currently Professor of the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, director and project coordinator at the Foundation for technological Development of Engineering and senior professor at the University of São Paulo. He has experience in the field of electrical engineering, with an emphasis on digital systems, acting mainly in the following themes: Computer engineering, undergraduate education, IA, neural networks and graphics systems.

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Fátima de Lourdes dos Santos Nunes Marques

Professor at the University of Sao Paulo. Bachelor’s degree in computer science from São Paulo State University Julio de Mesquita, Master of Electrical Engineering from the University of Sao Paolo and PhD in Science (computational physics) from the University of São Paulo. Professor of the University of São Paulo in the area of graphic processing. Their research is predominantly in the area of computing, with an emphasis on Virtual reality, image processing, multimedia data retrieval by content. Several of his works are applied in the health area, establishing interfaces with the area of biomedical engineering.

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