Caça aos balões

Autor: Patricia Jenny Nala
The game consists of two phases. In the first one, aligned balloons are passing through the screen so that the player, when clicking with the mouse, shoot arrows to hit them. If all balloons are hit, the second phase begins, where double balloons with initial location and velocity are given through a random choice. The remaining arrows are marked in the lower left corner of hers. The game counts with loading of images for the balloons, the wallpaper and the little girl, who is the archer of the game.

Download Jogo Caça aos baloes

Entrega Final: O Jogo

Autor: Pedro Gardel Camara (mimpedro(at)

The game is based on the old portable games of LCD Style Game & amp; Watch, which had fixed positions for all elements of the screen, which simply lit or erased to represent the action of the game. Therefore, it has no title screen or game over. The processing file saves the player’s maximum score in a text file, but the applet for use on internet sites does not. Instructions: -Command: Left and right arrow keys: move the character. -Regras of the game: FAU students are in the last week of the end of the semester and must submit their final papers. This would be an easy task if they did not have to protect their projects from the terrible gutters of the building until they reached the top floor where they should present their work. Guide student by student through the FAU ramps, paying attention to the timing of the drips and diverting them. Each ramp with gutters crossed will give the player 25 points, except for the last one, which is worth 50. If the player climbs the ramps fast enough, he will find a piece of cake on the penultimate floor, which will give him 50 extra points. The game is getting harder for every student who can deliver the work. If the player loses all life, the game resumes.

Download O jogo


Autor: Vitor Issamu Morinishi (issamu_90(at)
The program created, is based on the Paint program. The user can choose the desired color and draw with the mouse. The last icon of the palette (a black square with a diamond inscribed) would be the icon of the eraser, which is nothing more than the white color. There were no conditions to make the trace continuous. It presents in dotted form, hence the inspiration for the name of the program. The factor for choosing the program is the fact that I am connected to the artistic medium, especially to the illustration.

Download Paintlhismo

Diagonal Snake

Autor: Karina Padula Parra (karinadesignusp(at)

Use the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT arrows to move the snake. The objective is to make the snake always pass over the brigadeiro. When this happens, it gains speed. If she stays a while without going through the brigadeiro, she slows down until she stops. If she stops, the game ends.

Download Diagonal Snake



Autor: Isabela Gallego
The program works like a digital kaleidoscope. The geometric shapes in motion form figures that by mirroring create an impression similar to that of the kaleidoscope. There are seven user interaction buttons: – The first one changes the color of the geometric shapes while being pressed with the mouse. – The second pauses the program, leaving the image formed on the screen. – The third causes the program to restart. – The room causes the geometric shapes to increase. – The fifth causes the geometric shapes to be of an average size. – The sixth causes the geometric shapes to decrease. – The seventh updates the positions of the geometric shapes.



Festa Junina

Autor: Amanda Mota Almeida (amanda.almeida(at)

The game consists of a game of removing the flags of the June party, starting with a home screen where the player is invited to participate in the game and must click on the acceptance button. After that he starts the game where with the aid of a b </ span> arra that rebates a ball has q </ span> ue make it touch the flags party and make them disappear. If the player leaves the ball, he / she passes the bottom of the screen and does not rebound it, loses the game and sees a message on the screen. If the player manages to remove all the flags, he wins the game and a welcome screen appears. </ Span> ci </ span> congratulations.

Download Festa Junina.