The CBTMS2017 aims to offer the interaction between professionals who have a common goal: to promote more qualified health services through the optimization of technological resources. Brazilian Congress of Telemedicine and telehealth
SBGames 2017:
The SBGames is the largest academic event in Latin America in the area of games and Digital Entertainment. Conducted by the Brazilian Computing Society, the event brings together researchers, students and entrepreneurs who have electronic games as the object of research and development product. Some thousand participants are received each year from different regions of Brazil and from countries such as Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, the United States, England, Portugal, among others. In the last 3 years the SBGames was held in Sao Paulo (2016), Teresina (2015) and Porto Alegre (2014). Brazilian Symposium on Games and Digital Entertainment
SVR 2017:
The Symposium on Virtual and Augmented Reality (SVR) is the premier conference on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Brazil, sponsored annually by the SBC (Brazilian Computer Society). SVR brings together researchers, students and professionals from various academic, industrial and commercial areas interested in the advances in and applications of VR and AR.The Symposium on Virtual and Augmented Reality