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Computer Methodology

Prof. Anna Helena Reali Costa
” CogBot – Integrating Information Percentage to Semantic Knowledge in Cognitive Robotics ”

Prof. Edson Satoshi Gomi
” Brasiliana Digital Library ”

Prof. Jaime Simon Sichman
” Medea – A Workshop for Systems Development Methods Construction Methods Using Multiagent Fragments ”

Prof. Lucia Vilela Leite Filgueiras
” Facets of Digital Usability and Accessibility”

Prof. Ricardo Luiz de Azevedo da Rocha
“Application of Adaptivity concepts for Computational Intelligence ”

Organization of Computer Systems

Prof. Cintia Borges Margi
“Security in Wireless Sensor Networks”

Prof. Líria Matsumoto Sato
“Computational Grid Infrastructure for Application of High Performance in the Oil & Gas Projects”

Prof. Marco Antonio Simplicio Jr.
“Security in IPTV Systems Based on Peer-to-Peer”

Prof. Paulo Sergio Barreto Licciardi Messeder
“Encryption and Security for Devices with Limited Resources”

“Efficient Code-based cryptosystems”

Prof. Paulo Sérgio Licciardi Messeder Barreto and Wilson Vicente Ruggiero
“Energy-efficient Security for SoC Devices – Asymmetric Cryptography for Embedded Systems”

Profa Tereza Cristina de Melo Brito Carvalho
“School Extensible Security Framework for Health Solutions”
“Experimentation on Future Internet between Brazil and Europe (FIBRE)”
“Sustainability as a Basis for Network Management Systems and Services Providing for Cloud Computing”
“Advanced Applications of Remote Viewing – Ways to Display and Collaboration”

Prof. Wilson Vicente Ruggiero
“Safe Framework for Application Development on Mobile Device”

System Information and Computer Applications

Prof. André Hiyuiti Hirakawa
“Development Proposal of a robot for Distribution Line Visual Inspection”
“TEFIS – Testbed for Future Internet Services TEFIS – Testbed for Future Internet Services”
“Automatic Control Systems for Real-Time Adjustment of Ground Components and Compression Direct seeding”

Prof. Antonio Mauro Saraiva
“IANBIN PTN Data Quality and Training”
“Support Nucleus Research – Biodiversity and Computing: Conservation and Sustainable Use in the Information Area”
“Metadata Standards and Tools Pollinator Data Scanning”
“WebBee: a network of information on Brazilian biodiversity in native bees”

Prof. Carlos Eduardo Cugnasca
“Adaptive Routing Protocol Development for sensor networks without furniture Wire”
“Proposal of an Adaptive Sensor Fusion mechanism for the Agricultural Environment Monitoring”

Prof. Edison Spina
“VertebrALCUE – Developing the Cooperation infrastruture to Make the Common Area EULatin America and the Caribbean (ALCUE) to Reality”

Prof. João Batista Camargo Junior
“Critical Systems Laboratory for Transportation Systems Certification”

Prof. Jorge Luis Risco Becerra
“Design and Software Factory Model Deployment”