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Mission and Vision


With the future vision established and periodically revised, the PCS seeks to achieve strategic objectives aligned with the Polytechnic School, but in the field of Computer and Digital Systems, namely:

Perspective of the Company:

1 – To be recognized by students as the best course in the country Computer Engineering;
2 – To be a valued partner for government agencies;
3 – To be recognized by leading companies as a reference center for research and training in Computer Engineering;
4 – To be recognized for its network of relationships and by the society for its contribution.

Perspective of Internal Processes (Management and Knowledge Dissemination, Research, Education, and Extension):

5 – Contribute to the enhancement of Engineering, Engineer, and engineer (verb), focusing on Computer;
6 – Give visibility to society of the benefits generated by PCS;
7 – Share knowledge;
8 – Foster a culture of patents and publications;
9 – Conduct research and development projects in Computer Engineering with a focus on innovation;
10 – Carry out research projects on socially relevant themes;
11 – Increase the presence of the PCS in the research field;
12 – Integrate students projects, extra-curricular and activities;
13 – Promote continuous education;
14 – Promote graduate courses;
15 – Promote dynamic and flexible educational management;
16 – Optimize the results of learning process;
17 – Attract and retain the best students of the country;
18 – Conduct outreach projects on socially relevant themes;
19 – Increase the provision of services to the community;
20 – Integrate research, education, and extension processes;
21 – Prospect opportunities in research, education, and extension;

Perspective of Learning and Support (Finance, Infrastructure, organizational culture, and skills) :

22 – Facilitate and manage necessary resources;
23 – Maintain the infrastructure and laboratories;
24 – Consolidate organizational management based initiatives and processes;
25 – Promote cooperation among employees;
26 – Align employees and teachers to the PCS strategy;
27 – Develop skills in teachers and employees;
28 – Attract and retain talented professionals for research, extension and education.