Electrical Engineering with emphasis in Computer Engineering

grad-GUI9071-300x199-300x199 (1)The course provides the student with solid and broad education in technical and scientific knowledge, and the ability to adapt and keep up with technological advances. The engineer in training studies the computer systems in all its dimensions: specification, design, implementation, production, installation and maintenance of software, and, especially, hardware. In addition, they study computer graphics, computer science, and operating systems.


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Computer engineering

The Computer Engineering professionals are specialized in developing and analyzing software systems, hardware, computer networks, digital systems, and automation projects, of various complexities and according to market needs.

It is one of the courses at the Polytechnic School that have four-monthly basis (the other is Chemical Engineering). Therefore, during the last three years there are five Academic Modules and four Training Modules, the latter in partnership with companies and PCS laboratories. The Modules are full time and organized alternately so there is no conflict between the experience in company and the academic formation, while the students graduate with a distinct professional experience.


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