Registration procedures

Registration Fee:

By September 30th 2018:
Professionals: R$ 400.00
Students: R$ 40.00

After September 30th 2018:
Professionals: R$ 500.00
Students: R$ 50.00

Exchange Rate: US$ 1.00 = R$ 4.00
Important Information: The accepted papers will be published only if one of the authors pays the registration fee by 7th October 2018.

Registration fees shall be deposited on the following bank account:

Bank account:
SBTA – Brazilian Society of Air Transportation Research (Sociedade Brasileira de Pesquisa em Trasporte aéreo)
CNPJ: 05.644.774/0001-79
SANTANDER Bank (Code 033)
Branch Number: 4334
Bank Account (Checking Account): 13.002516-8
One copy of the deposit voucher shall be sent by e-mail to ( in order to confirm the attendant’s registration on the event. Students should also send a copy of the Student ID.